The 4th Day of the New Year

Well, 2020 is not off to a good start for me. First I was sick, and now I’m struggling with emotions. Overnight, I went off and on about whether I should keep up this daily blogging goal. This post here indicates that I’ve decided to push forward.

Guys, I probably won’t get mad if you, after reading a post where I mention I’m sick, suggest I see a doctor. I might get mad if, after I tell you I don’t need to see a doctor, you call me a stubborn ass or something similar.

Maybe you were joking and it went over my head. Or maybe you were being snarky and I caught it right in the face. Under the circumstances, a comment like that could have been intended one way or the other, and it’s entirely possible that someone could take such a comment the wrong way.

But if you then tell me it was a joke, I’ll likely believe you. I know that I take things the wrong way a lot, but I’m probably not always wrong.

I blog about all kinds of things, some of it could be considered personal stuff. But I don’t share anything that I’m not comfortable sharing. I’ll likely get mad if you tell me I shouldn’t have posted something.

I blog for a number of reasons. I enjoy it and it’s an outlet for me. There are things that I want to say and I write better than I talk. Sometimes I try to be entertaining and sometimes I try to be educational. I have experiences that I want to share and maybe people will be able to relate or feel comfort, or whatever. Sometimes my posts are short entries and sometimes they’re long rants.

I’ve been asked if I write nonfiction. My answer is no, not really, not for money, anyway. I’m just not very interested in writing nonfiction. I’m a fiction writer. Fiction is the stuff that I consider work. It’s what I send to publishers in hopes of making a buck..

But then, there’s my website,, where I’ve posted hundreds of pieces of nonfiction (Everything that I post on my website is also posted on Facebook and JAD). So, I guess that’s another thing that my blog is. Nonfiction.

If I’m ever offered money to write nonfiction for a publisher, I would probably take the gig. But I’m not actively looking to sell nonfiction.