Progress Reporting

For a while I was reporting progress stats, but I’d fallen off that wagon. I feel a little antsy when I don’t keep up with that. I like keeping track of my progress. So, I’m going to try getting back on that wagon.

Currently, Novel 6 is 94,043 words and 463 pages. Story 43 is 7,944 words and 38 pages. I’ve been getting work into each almost every day, but not as much as I’d like.

Let’s see what those numbers look like at the end of the day.

Michigan’s Womens Basketball have advanced to the Elite Eight. The Mens Basketball team is out.

Spring Training has started. The regular season starts April 7. The Tigers first game is April 8.

I need to shave.


I considered ordering food for supper, but I’ve been spending too much on DoorDash lately. Need to give it a rest.

Besides, it’s been snowing, I didn’t feel like shoveling the driveway and sidewalk today. I think it’d be rude of me to expect a DoorDasher to trudge through knee-deep snow to bring my order to the door.

So, I cooked ribs.

While looking for a game to watch, I discovered the NBA G-League. Can’t say I heard of the G-League before. I guess it’s like a minor league to the NBA. I’m not up to speed on what the NBA calls their lower-level affiliates, but I know every professional sport has them.

This game was the Grand Rapids Gold and the Motor City Cruise. Going by the look of their uniform, I’d say the Motor City Cruise is a direct affliliate to the Detroit Pistons. But what do I know?

I decided to sit through the game. I enjoyed it. Most of the players did not appear to be as tall as the usual NBA player, but they played just as skillfully.

Grand Rapids won, 122-111.

So many college basketball games I find on my TV, but it’s rare that I ever find a Michigan basketball game. Unless they’re in the March Madness.

Now I’m watching Episode 2 of Archive 81.

Novel 6
Words Added: 211
Total Wordcount: 77,548
Total Pagecount: 382

Story 42
Words Added: 187
Total Wordcount: 1,632
Total Pagecount: 9

Jordan Poole

I’ll never forget this game. When Jordan Poole won the game for Michigan as the last second ticked off. That was in 2018, the year Michigan made it to the championship game and lost to Villanova.

I remember how I freaked out when Poole made that shot. I’d say that was one of the greatest moments in NCAA basketball.

Jordan Poole now plays for the Golden State Warriors.

State Beat Michigan

Michigan’s men’s basketball team just lost to Michigan State. 69-87. I thought Michigan might catch up in the last few minutes. They did not.

When I realized the men were playing State today too, I thought the men and women teams had traveled across the state together, but nope. The women’s game was on Wolverine turf and the men’s game was on Spartan turf.

Michigan Beat State

I just watched Michigan’s women’s basketball team beat Michigan State. 35-32. They were toe to toe when I turned the game on and it was a little tense.

There are times when I’m in discussions about sports and someone says they don’t have time for men and their balls. I immediately think about the women’s leagues that are struggling. I think WNBA is doing okay, but it’s not as popular as NBA. I know there is, or was, a women’s professional football league. Women’s football leagues surface and then collapse because of lack of support.

When people say they don’t have time for men and their balls, I’m thinking maybe they would be interested in supporting the women’s leagues that need to grow their fanbases.

I tell them about the women’s leagues and suggest that they might be interested in following them. Then they say, they’re not interested in sports.

Why didn’t they just say that? Why did they have to make a comment about men and their balls?

About the NCAA Basketball Championship Game?

Villanova was a mighty foe. Not even Jordan Poole could save us. Villanova beat Michigan by seventeen points. I think they  had two or three guys with an incredible talent for making shots far outside the arch.

My team  accepted their loss with  proper sportsmanship. I’m proud of them. They didn’t let us down. They played their best.

I still have some whiskey left, so I’m going to drink that.