Baseball and Stuff

Reds just beat Dodgers. Earlier, Mets lost to Astros. There’s more baseball games on, but I gotta turn the TV off and get back to work. As much as I want to watch all these games, I need to limit it to just my top teams, namely the Detroit Tigers for MLB, and the other Detroit teams for the other sports, as well as the Michigan Wolverines.

In Baseball, there are teams I love, teams I like, teams I don’t like and teams I hate. Someday, I oughta list out which teams are under which category.

Probably going to turn the Red Wings on at 7. Might or might not actually sit in front of the TV and watch the game.

I’m hungry. Going to make hamburgers. Hope I don’t burn them like I did last time. By the way, production has been moving steadily. Getting work into novels and short stories every day.

My First Spring Training Game of the Year

Heaven returns to Earth. I just turned on the TV and my heart thudded when I saw there is a live Spring Training game on right now. First game I’ve caught this year. Astros and Mets.

Didn’t Justin Verlander just tranfer from the Astros to the Mets? If that is correct, I’ll be favoring the Mets over the Astros this year.

In any case, baseball is here again and all is right in the world. I’m stopping production to watch the remainder of this game.

Go Mets!

Grandpa’s Deep-Space Diner, edited by Jessica Augustsson

It was the name of this anthology, Grandpa’s Deep-Space Diner, that caught my attention. There’s just something about the title that grips your heart and makes you want to crack open this book and see what it’s all about.

Edited by Jessica Augustsson, Grandpa’s Deep-Space Diner contains a collection of stories by a number of writers. The stories are brilliant, and they all have something to do with food.

Some of the stories were quite lovable. I had tears in my eyes as I read James Rumpel’s Gramma’s Special Cookie Jar. It reminded me so much of my own grandma. I have a cookie jar that was hers, that I had given her for Christmas one year, and that I had gotten back after she died.

Other stories had me thinking about the restaurants my uncle owns in Flint and Lapeer, called Maude’s Alabama BBQ, which were named after my grandma, Lona Maude.

I’m going to go ahead and order some food from Maude’s right now.