Baez played real hard tonight, I thought. Did you see how he dirtied up his uniform? Though he didn’t make it in himself, he played a big part in getting in the second run for the Tigers. The Tigers still lost. The game finished up with 2-3.

They’re 8-17 for the season, so far. It’s looking like another losing season. But I can live with it. I’m just happy to have baseball. Though none of the Detroit teams have been showing much promise, they are and will always be my favorite teams. I will always love the Detroit Tigers, Lions, Pistons and Red Wings.

Four Random Things from my Day

1) Next time Christians in my life make a fuss about me drinking, I’m going to remind them of the wedding guests who drunk all the wine, and Jesus turned water into wine so the guests could continue drinking.

2) I’ve been watching Six Feet Under again. The scene where the baby dies in the crib has always been hard for me to sit through. All through the rest of that episode, my heart aches and I get teary-eyed. Rico, a young father, is very convincing in showing how hard it is for a funeral home employee to work with an infant death.

3) The Red Wings did not win today.

4) I wrote 433 words into the novel and 381 words in the story. I wanted to keep going, but I’m really burned out.

Not Everything I Write Is Great

Not everything I write is great. A lot of it sucks. I just make it a point to finish every story I start before I start another one, no matter how awful it is or how long it’s taking me to get it done. I will finish it.

This is something I wish I had been doing when I was young. I didn’t actually get into this mindset until my mid-30s.

The thing, for me anyway, is not to write the greatest stories, but to just get all these stories down before I die. Sometimes they come out good, sometimes I think they’re great. Sometimes they suck, but at least I got the thing done.

So, I finished that sport-themed short story today. It closed up with 22 pages, 4,596 words. I’m satisfied with it.

I already started the next short story. This one is another noir. I’m on page 3 and I’m 353 words in. I like how it’s going, so far.

I got six pages into the novel. The novel is now 377 pages and 76,209 words.

So, a total of eleven pages of fiction written today. I wanted to get in a few more, but I’m burning out.

I cooked a good-sized steak for supper. My mom and dad gave me a bunch of different seasonings for Christmas. I’ve been using the Weber Steak & Chop Seasoning a lot. I really like it.

I’m going to watch the last period of the Red Wing-Star game. They’re tied. 3-3.


The Tigers lost both of their games today.

I was channel surfing and I see NHL is back. I have the Blue Jackets and Maple Leafs on. It’s the playoffs. I don’t know how long NHL has been back.

I just now finished eating my late supper. Steak. I put the hot sauce my cousin Tony sent me on the steak. I don’t think people normally put hot sauce on steak, but I couldn’t find chicken wings at the grocery store yesterday.

The hot sauce is good, and it has quite a burn. I’ll probably use it on just about everything I eat.

Did it Again

I cooked the stuffed chicken breast again. This time I did a better job cutting in the pocket and stuffing it. It was my last piece of chicken and smaller. Within the next few days, my brother is going to pick up my next order from the Brower Farms and bring it to me, and I’m going to try this recipe on him.

Red Wings at 7.

The Seventeenth Day of the New Year

Wrote five new pages into the novel. Edited five pages of a short story. Might get more work into the novel and story tonight. Went out to eat with Dad. I had Lake Smelt and Fries, which was mostly good, but then one of the smelt pieces had something funny about it and I damn near threw up on the table. Instead the Godzilla of burps blasted out of my mouth. It was embarrassing, but I survived.

I got a new order from the Brower Farms today. I really, really love the cuts of meat I get from these guys. I don’t like buying meat from the grocery store anymore, because I have a hard time finding satisfying cuts. The guys at the Brower Farms know how to cut meat satisfyingly.

I’d say it was a good day.

Red Wings at 7:30.