Another All-Nighter

One of the reasons I like Six Feet Under is it’s a very informative show and I learn a thing or two from each episode. Often, I’m pausing to look up something that was mentioned in the show so I can find out more about it.

There’s some question about whether there will be an MLB season this year. The league and the players have not reached an agreement.

5:00 AM is an ungodly time, but I refused to surrender. I got 5 pages-861 words into the novel and 5 pages-1,061 words into the story. I’m tired, can’t keep my eyes open and my nerves are shot. Going to bed now.

Four Random Things from my Day

1) Next time Christians in my life make a fuss about me drinking, I’m going to remind them of the wedding guests who drunk all the wine, and Jesus turned water into wine so the guests could continue drinking.

2) I’ve been watching Six Feet Under again. The scene where the baby dies in the crib has always been hard for me to sit through. All through the rest of that episode, my heart aches and I get teary-eyed. Rico, a young father, is very convincing in showing how hard it is for a funeral home employee to work with an infant death.

3) The Red Wings did not win today.

4) I wrote 433 words into the novel and 381 words in the story. I wanted to keep going, but I’m really burned out.


I considered ordering food for supper, but I’ve been spending too much on DoorDash lately. Need to give it a rest.

Besides, it’s been snowing, I didn’t feel like shoveling the driveway and sidewalk today. I think it’d be rude of me to expect a DoorDasher to trudge through knee-deep snow to bring my order to the door.

So, I cooked ribs.

While looking for a game to watch, I discovered the NBA G-League. Can’t say I heard of the G-League before. I guess it’s like a minor league to the NBA. I’m not up to speed on what the NBA calls their lower-level affiliates, but I know every professional sport has them.

This game was the Grand Rapids Gold and the Motor City Cruise. Going by the look of their uniform, I’d say the Motor City Cruise is a direct affliliate to the Detroit Pistons. But what do I know?

I decided to sit through the game. I enjoyed it. Most of the players did not appear to be as tall as the usual NBA player, but they played just as skillfully.

Grand Rapids won, 122-111.

So many college basketball games I find on my TV, but it’s rare that I ever find a Michigan basketball game. Unless they’re in the March Madness.

Now I’m watching Episode 2 of Archive 81.

Novel 6
Words Added: 211
Total Wordcount: 77,548
Total Pagecount: 382

Story 42
Words Added: 187
Total Wordcount: 1,632
Total Pagecount: 9

Ties are Meant to be Broken

Both games today were close, with ties broken in the end by field goals. Earlier, the Bengals beat the Titans, 19-16. The 49ers just beat the Packers 13-10. It’s snowing Green Bay, which probably means it’s snowing here too.

Tomorrow, it’ll be the Rams and Buccaneers and Bills and Chiefs. Don’t miss the Ram-Buc game. That’s Stafford and Brady. Starts at 3PM, on NBC.

‘Twas a slow day, but I got a few pages into each project. Novel, 380 pages-76,900 words. Story, 6 pages-991 words.

I started watching a creepy series on Netflix called Archive 81. Think I’ll finish this first episode and call it a night.


In the light of ABC considering a spinoff that focuses on Sara Gilbert’s character, people are saying Sara Gilbert is the worst actress on the show and that her character is the least interesting.

Really? I don’t think I would have liked the show as much if not for Sara Gilbert.