One Week with Chester

It’s been one week since I took in Chester. Feels like it’s been longer than that. We’ve made a lot of progress over the last seven days. Since he’s been here, I feel that I’ve been happier. I’m having fewer outbursts and I haven’t felt depressed. Chester seems happy himself. I think he knows that he is my dog now and he will never have to change homes again.

Glorious Madness, by Jude-Marie Green

Jude-Marie Green is a magnificent writer. Her stories have an incredible flow to them, and her use of the language is brilliant. She loves dogs and cats, and she knows the value of grandparents and stories.

Glorious Madness is a collection of fourteen stories, science fiction and fantasy. I was pleased with every one of them, and some of them touched my heart deeply, or broke it.

If I could ask Jude-Marie Green one question about this book, I would ask her how she came up with the idea to make storms the intelligent life on a planet. That was completely new to me. I never would have come up with something like that.

Impressive collection.


Thanks to my brother Fred and the Truck, I finally got rid of the pile of branches, old fence boards and rocks. It took us a couple trips, but we did it.


I think things are falling into place a little more each day. The first day, Chester wouldn’t eat. The second day, he started eating. Though I’d been offering him his bone, he didn’t want it. But a few minutes ago, he was chewing on the edge of the coffee table. So, I got his bone for him and he went to work on it right away.

Meet Chester

I have a dog again. This is Chester. He’s a Chatahoula Louisiana Leopard Dog from Alabama. I’m going to teach Chester the game of football.

Thanks to Mark and Bonnie for bringing him to me.