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Mysterious Creature

Earlier today, I looked out the window and I saw this by the driveway. I couldn’t tell what it was. It wasn’t moving, and after several minutes I decided it was nothing, maybe just a piece of a tree. But five minutes later, I was back at the window and the thing was gone. So, it was a living creature.

My vision sucks, so I took the picture to try to see it better. Of course there’s always a fucking screen in my way to make my pictures less clear. I should’ve stepped out to get a better picture, but I didn’t think to.

What the hell could that possibly be? It looks like a big lizard to me, but I’m fairly certain we don’t have lizards like that in Michigan.

Another Win

Tigers win. 11-5.

Pittsburgh’s players, Gregory Polanco and Phillip Evans, crashed nto each other while running to catch the ball. Evens was seriously hurt. I don’t recall ever seeing an injury like that in baseball. That was more like what you often see in football. Dozens of medics gathered around Evans for about twenty minutes. They eventually loaded him onto a gurney and put him in an ambulance.

Polanco seemed to be taking it pretty hard. I’m not sure, but he may have come out of the game after that. I didn’t see him through the rest of the game.


The Tigers are supposed to be playing the St. Louis Cardinals right now, but the entire series is postponed because Cardinal players and staff have Covid-19.. It was going to be five games against the Cardinals this week, one day was going to be a doubleheader.


The Tigers lost both of their games today.

I was channel surfing and I see NHL is back. I have the Blue Jackets and Maple Leafs on. It’s the playoffs. I don’t know how long NHL has been back.

I just now finished eating my late supper. Steak. I put the hot sauce my cousin Tony sent me on the steak. I don’t think people normally put hot sauce on steak, but I couldn’t find chicken wings at the grocery store yesterday.

The hot sauce is good, and it has quite a burn. I’ll probably use it on just about everything I eat.


My mom and dad have chickens. Yesterday my dad brought me a dozen of eggs. Anyone who grew up around farms will tell you that this is what real chicken eggs look like.

I cook eggs almost every morning. I usually scramble.