The Tigers just swept the Orioles. This is the first three games in a row that they’ve won since the season started. Hope the streak continues.

Tomorrow, they’re playing the Ray’s at the cursed stadium of Tampa Bay.

I’m going to cook pork steaks for supper. Getting real hungry.

Bacon, Baseball and Chickens

To the neighbor cooking bacon this evening. Mighty thoughtful of you. I’ll meet your challenge in the morning.

Anyway, the Tigers and Athletics had a doubleheader today. I didn’t see much of either game. We watched the last few innings of the afternoon game at my mom and dad’s house. The Tigers kicked ass, 6-0, and they ended the losing streak.

However, they seem hellbent on starting a new losing streak. The evening game just ended with the Athletics winning, 0-4.

My brother and I helped Dad expand the chicken pen.

Losing Streak Continues

This losing streak is dragging. Baez was ejected in the 9th when he argued with the ump. The pitch looked to me like it missed the strike zone too, but what do I know?

Then Miggy struck out, then Schoop. If someone had just gotten a decent hit there at the end, they might’ve turned it around.

0-2, Athletics.


I thought Justin Verlander was done recovering from his surgery. I saw him in the Astros’ dugout the other day, but I haven’t seen him pitching in this series.

It’s the top of 3rd, 0-0, one out.


Baez played real hard tonight, I thought. Did you see how he dirtied up his uniform? Though he didn’t make it in himself, he played a big part in getting in the second run for the Tigers. The Tigers still lost. The game finished up with 2-3.

They’re 8-17 for the season, so far. It’s looking like another losing season. But I can live with it. I’m just happy to have baseball. Though none of the Detroit teams have been showing much promise, they are and will always be my favorite teams. I will always love the Detroit Tigers, Lions, Pistons and Red Wings.

Creepy Late Night

I was up till 7:45 AM last night. The new story is a ghost story and I guess it’s coming out well, because it’s creeping me out as I write it.

I’ve been stopping production to watch the Tigers, and then get back to work as soon as the game is over. My desired minimum is still five pages into the novel and five pages into the story, and there’s a number of other things on the task list that I want done each day before I call it a night.

Depending on how focused I am on a given day, it can indeed take me into the late morning hours. Last night, I was so fucking tired when I completed that last page, I immediately shut my computer down and went straight to bed.

The Tigers and Yankees are on now. It’s still Spring Training. The Tigers’ regular season starts April 8.

Novel 6
Words Added: 953
Total Wordcount: 98,449
Total Pagecount: 485

Story 45
Words Added: 1,080
Total Wordcount: 1,080
Total Pagecount: 6

Progress Reporting

For a while I was reporting progress stats, but I’d fallen off that wagon. I feel a little antsy when I don’t keep up with that. I like keeping track of my progress. So, I’m going to try getting back on that wagon.

Currently, Novel 6 is 94,043 words and 463 pages. Story 43 is 7,944 words and 38 pages. I’ve been getting work into each almost every day, but not as much as I’d like.

Let’s see what those numbers look like at the end of the day.

Michigan’s Womens Basketball have advanced to the Elite Eight. The Mens Basketball team is out.

Spring Training has started. The regular season starts April 7. The Tigers first game is April 8.

I need to shave.

Another All-Nighter

One of the reasons I like Six Feet Under is it’s a very informative show and I learn a thing or two from each episode. Often, I’m pausing to look up something that was mentioned in the show so I can find out more about it.

There’s some question about whether there will be an MLB season this year. The league and the players have not reached an agreement.

5:00 AM is an ungodly time, but I refused to surrender. I got 5 pages-861 words into the novel and 5 pages-1,061 words into the story. I’m tired, can’t keep my eyes open and my nerves are shot. Going to bed now.