Like I call my favorite acoustic guitar Black Beauty, I decided I will call my bass guitar Silver. Though it is silver, I’m actually naming it after Benjamin Orr, who was The Cars’ bass player. When Benjamin Orr died, Ric Ocasek wrote a song about him called “Silver”.

Stevie, Dolores, Blas

I think Stevie Ray Vaughan was the greatest guitar player that ever lived, Dolores O’Riordan was the greatest singer that ever lived, and Blas Elias is the greatest drummer that ever lived.

But if you asked me what my favorite band is, I would have to list a hundred different music groups.

Ernie Ball Power Slinky

Lost track of time, but think it was at least two hours of playing the guitar. I re-stringed it recently, replaced all the Regular Slinky strings with Power Slinky strings. I really, really like the Power Slinky strings. The Power Slinky stings are thicker and stronger. I’m confident that no matter how hard I strum, these strings will not be breaking any time soon.