Beer Experiment

Welcome back to Rob’s Bar. Last time, we conducted an experiment and found that when you mix Miller Lite and Coors Light together in one big beer mug, you will, in fact, summon Kid Rock. Tonight, we’re gonna find out what happens when you mix Miller Lite, Coors Light and Bud Light together in one… big… beer mug.

Cake and Turkey

As insane an idea as it might be, I been thinking to try making a cake from a scratch, for the first time ever. I don’t know what kind of cake I oughta make, though. Anyone got a recipe they think I should try?

Also, been wanting to cook another turkey, but haven’t found one bigger than 8.5 lbs. The one I cooked was 14.51 lbs. That sucker fed me for four days and didn’t cost more than 20 bucks.


Despite being really fucking tired today, I’m getting a shitload done, and quickly too. It’s not even dark yet and I’m almost done for the day.

Tonight’s game was postponed too. Tigers and Mets are going to have a doubleheader tomorrow, unless those are postponed as well.

It’s kinda warm outside, but wet. Sky is overcast.

I’m really liking the story I’m writing. I feel like the main character is teaching me something about humanity that I’m too dumb to learn on my own.



Good Lord, is it raining tonight or what? I went out to check my mail a little while ago and got soaked. Guess it’s about the same in New York, ’cause the Tiger-Met game is postponed. Maybe it’s a good thing, though. The team has been playing hard and probably could use a day of rest.

Tigers won last night. There were a few surprises in the 10th, after nine scoreless innings. So, now they have 4 wins and 0 losses since the season started.

I’m having a slow day, but I’m determined to not surrender.

Stopping Production

Started a new story today, two pages/376 words into it. It’s an outdoor-themed story, about fishing. I might get in more writing later tonight. The Tigers and Mets will be on in a few minutes. I’ve been making it a point to stop production and watch the games.

Gonna get out the potato chips and pop, and just plop on the couch for the next couple hours. If that’s okay with you.

First Series Ends with a Sweep

The Tigers just swept the White Sox. That was our first series of the regular season. Each game was close, but Tigers won them all.

Now we go from Chicago to New York, where we’ll face the Mets.

Though I don’t really celebrate Easter, I’m using the holiday as an excuse to take it easy and I’m doing only a few things around the house today.

Rolling On

The MLB regular season has started. Tigers had their first game Thursday and their second game today, against the White Sox. Tigers won both games. They did very well in Spring Training, finishing second in the Grapefruit League. I hope they do that well in the regular season.

Yesterday was bright and sunny, today is gloomy and overcast.

Though I didn’t get to bed until 7:30 AM last night, I got up before noon today and I’m highly motivated. Rushing around the house, getting shit done.

Rock Shirts

I dig my new AC/DC shirt. It was a birthday gift from my friend Melanie. Coincidentally, my mom and dad got me a Led Zeppelin shirt. I always was wandering between Heaven and Hell.

I finished another story tonight. 26 pages, 5,837 words. Mostly decent draft and won’t require much fixing up.

Livin’ easy, livin’ free,
Sure all that glitters is gold.
Askin’ nothin’, leave me be,
If the stores are all closed….


Man, that was super hair pullin’ game, had me yelling my head off there at the end. But we won it. Lions are gonna make their first Super Bowl appearance this year, because I said so.

I admit that I don’t even know the name of the Lions’ current head coach, but I think he’s a damn good coach.