The Tigers just swept the Orioles. This is the first three games in a row that they’ve won since the season started. Hope the streak continues.

Tomorrow, they’re playing the Ray’s at the cursed stadium of Tampa Bay.

I’m going to cook pork steaks for supper. Getting real hungry.

Bacon, Baseball and Chickens

To the neighbor cooking bacon this evening. Mighty thoughtful of you. I’ll meet your challenge in the morning.

Anyway, the Tigers and Athletics had a doubleheader today. I didn’t see much of either game. We watched the last few innings of the afternoon game at my mom and dad’s house. The Tigers kicked ass, 6-0, and they ended the losing streak.

However, they seem hellbent on starting a new losing streak. The evening game just ended with the Athletics winning, 0-4.

My brother and I helped Dad expand the chicken pen.


My dreams last night had me sweating very heavily. I remember that in one of them, I felt threatened. I grabbed my nearest pistol, which was the single-action .22 revolver, and went through the house closing the blinds and curtains. It was dark outside and I felt that someone was watching me.

Now, I’m awake at 6AM and I’m still feeling a little bit threatened.

Mood Flipped Over

I’m really pissed off all of sudden. When I was mowing the lawn, the lady who lives across the street came up to my fence to talk to me. Except I can’t hear a damn thing she’s saying. I told her I left my phone in the house and explained the Live Transcribe app that I have on the phone, and that I would get it. She knows I’m deaf.

So, I turned to head inside to get the phone, and she starts calling me back to the fence. I went back to the fence, and she just keeps talking and I can’t fucking hear her. I wanted to get my phone, but I didn’t want to be rude by walking away.

I’m reminded of a couple years ago, when she asked to me to have a beer and visit with her in her front yard. For a while, during that visit, she was willing to write what she was trying to say in a notebook, but at some point she decided that she didn’t want to do that anymore and insisted on just talking to me. That’s why I haven’t been back to visit.

Chicken Salads

I got up late today, with a craving for the Smoked Chicken Ceasar Salads that come from Maude’s Alabama BBQ. I ordered two through DoorDash. Been getting these salads a lot, but I usually get a burger and fries too. Today, I just wanted the salads.


I spent yesterday at my brother’s house. Was helping him with a few things. Afterwards we just sat around, played guitars and drank beer. His girlfriend brought over her dogs.

Stopping at 11 PM

I’m calling it in earlier today. I’m trying to start getting up early in the morning, instead of being up all night. Haven’t been having much luck with that, but I’m trying.

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