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Diecast and Die Hard

The diecast dump truck I ordered for my great nephew Ezra was finally delivered. I was afraid I wouldn’t have a gift for him on Christmas Day. I thought I would wrap one of the diecast cars from my collection to give him if the dump truck didn’t make it here.

Now that all the gifts I ordered are here, I guess I’ll spend the rest of today wrapping them. It’s a good thing I DVRed the Charlie Brown Christmas special last year, because it no longer airs on regular TV. I thought I would watch that while wrapped, but looking at the list of recordings, I see I also DVRed Die Hard last year, on Christmas Eve. So, that’s what I’m going to watch.


Today my friend Jill shared a meme about the religion of pizza. Since seeing that meme, I haven’t been able to get pizza off my mind. The picture is from DoorDasher Jacob.

New Spices

I really loaded up on groceries tonight. I should be good for a while. While at the store, I grabbed five containers of spices. One of them is Garlic Pepper. I like what it did to the chicken I just cooked.

Another Power Outage

The power got knocked out at around 1:00 today, and it’s still out. My mom and dad were going to give me this generator for Christmas, but they decided to give it to me early. My dad and I got it set up today. It’s got a few things running, but not everything.

It’s still very windy and I don’t think DTE would be working on lines in this. So, I reckon the power will be out at least until tomorrow, if the wind dies down.