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Another Power Outage

The power got knocked out at around 1:00 today, and it’s still out. My mom and dad were going to give me this generator for Christmas, but they decided to give it to me early. My dad and I got it set up today. It’s got a few things running, but not everything.

It’s still very windy and I don’t think DTE would be working on lines in this. So, I reckon the power will be out at least until tomorrow, if the wind dies down.


My cousin¬†Anthony¬†sent me some more hot sauce a few weeks ago. This is the absolute hottest sauce yet. You know how when you eat ice cream and you get a brain freeze? The Skeletor sauce does something like that, except it’s more like a brain burn.

Pork Steaks for Supper

Yeah, that’s what I’m cooking.

This was a very productive day. Looks like I’m going to get everything on my daily task list done today.

The White Sox and Athletics are playing. This is a deciding game for the ALDS. The Astros are already there. So are the Rays and Yankees.

The Braves are settled in the NLDS, but the rest of the National League is undecided.

Might turn on Thursday Night Football when the White Sox and Athletics are done.

69 Chevelle

UPDATE: The Chevelle is from Fred.

I still don’t know who sent the DeLorean, which I got back in July.

So, again I get a mysterious box in the mail. This time it’s a 1969 Chevy Chevelle SS. I’m not sure who it’s from. The senders name and address is on the box. But I don’t recognize the name and it’s a Webster New York address, and I’m guessing this is just where the car was ordered from.

The Chevelle is pretty cool and it’s a bit heavier than my other cars. It also feels stronger. I was planning to get a 69 Chevelle at some point. Now I won’t have to. If it was you who sent it, thank you.