The landscape timbers that bordered the flowerbed were rotting and falling apart. My mom and dad have had about 600 of these bricks lying in weeds, long forgotten. Yesterday, my dad and I brought a hundred of them to my house and this is what I did today.

The hardest part was pulling up the old timbers. They were nailed down with two-foot spikes. I will probably be making some adjustments to the brick wall. For one thing, I want to get some more of that Black Landscape Fabric to put under the wall, in hopes of preventing weeds from growing between the bricks.

I’ll be doing the same thing on the other side of the porch and down the side of the house. As soon as I can get more bricks from Mom and Dad’s.

Now I’m going to watch “That Thing You Do”. It’s one of my go-to movies, for when I just want to relax and watch something.