Fantasy Short Stories, Book Three

I just got the word that Fantasy Short Stories Book Three is out in print now. It can be bought from Amazon. I posted about the release of the ebook version the other day.

Like I said, “The Assassination of Stonewall Jackson” is a favorite of mine, out of my own stories. It’s also the second story I’ve sold that had something to do with the Civil War.

The editor threw together a little video.

The Assassination of Stonewall Jackson

I feel like I’m moving up in the world when I see my name on the same cover as Gustavo Bondoni’s.

Fantasy Short Stories Book Three is out. The ebook version, anyway. The print version is not out yet, but hopefully it’ll be out soon. My story “The Assassination of Stonewall Jackson” is in this anthology.

“The Assassination of Stonewall Jackson” is one of my favorite stories. I had fun writing it and I’m thrilled that it’s been published.

Bare Back Magazine, May 2018



Gray World is a story I thought would never sell. I was just sending it out because I’d made a promise to myself that I would no longer self-reject my work, and just keep everything on the market and see what happens. So, I kept sending it out. I was surprised when Natasha Brooks at Bare Back Magazine said she wanted to buy Gray World for the May 2018 issue.

You can read Gray World for free on Bare Back Magazine.