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New Spot

I scouted out another spot the other day. Next time I’m out, I’ll set up behind this heap next to the haunted tree stand. I won’t use that tree stand, it’s been there for thirty years. This position will have me at the top of the hill, looking down into the woods. Maybe something will come along to drink from the creek.

My only concern is, if I shoot a deer on the other side of the creek, I’m not sure how I’ll get it. But I’ll figure something out.

Might have to knock down a few trees.

I’ll still use my tripod tower sometimes, I just want a second spot.

Another Hunt

Is anyone seeing anything while this baiting ban is in place? I acknowledge that there are diseases in the deer herds, but I think the DNR has their logic backwards.

Whether we bait or not, the deer are still going to eat apples and acorns and whatever in the same spots. They’re still going to drink from the same streams. So, what difference does it make if hunters are putting out bait or not?

I think next year, the number of diseased deer will be tripled. The diseases are still going to spread and with the bait ban, not as many people are bagging deer this year. We’ll probably also see an increase in deer related traffic incidents and crop damage next year.

In my opinion, the best way to control these diseases is to give hunters more opportunity to take out the sick ones. It’s also helpful to keep deer from becoming too numerous.

Anyway, I’m trying to not complain about it too much. I know some hunters manage to have successful seasons without baiting. So, maybe I can too. It’s a challenge I’m accepting.

I didn’t see anything today either. I did detect a lot of those animal scents, but I look every which way and I never see the animal that’s causing them. I don’t know if it’s a deer or not, but the smell is strong and makes me think it’s coming from a large animal.

As I was walking back to the house, I scared something twice. There was a bleat and then I heard something running away. This happened twice, but I didn’t see anything.


I’m late this season. I’ve had a lot on my mind and didn’t feel like going through the pain in the ass DNR website. But I finally got around to ordering my deer license. Got a buck tag and a doe tag. I hope to get this monster buck this year. He’s shown himself on my ground at least a couple times.


‘Twas A Fine Sunday

Today we celebrated my great nephew Ezra’s first birthday. It was just a small gathering at Mom and Dad’s. I got Ezra’s a real baseball. I know he’s a bit young to play baseball, but I thought if I put a baseball in his hands early, he might come to love the game.

I had put the ball down on the table at my mom and dad’s and moved on. I guess someone handed it to Ezra, because a few minutes later they’re telling me, “He loves it, Robert. He’s smiling.”

I looked over. Anthony was holding Ezra. Ezra had the ball in one hand and he was holding it out toward me. I didn’t know he would have such a good one-hand grip on it yet. I hope he doesn’t start throwing fastballs around the house before he’s two.

Ezra unwrapped some presents, and then my dad and I watched the Lions. The Lions won and they are now one tie and two wins into the season. After the game, I went out to my hunting ground to look at my tower.

The blind on my tower was torn to pieces. So, I took the top part of the tower off. This year I’ll hunt with nothing over my head. I’ll hang camouflage netting from the rails of the tower, but that’ll be it.

Deer Season is Coming

I wasn’t sure it would come this year. My mind has been on different things and I didn’t have much thought about hunting. But just a little while ago, the passion came back. Bow season starts in a little over a month and now it’s all I can think about.

Baiting is outlawed this year, so I’m going to try calls. A cousin recommended antlers to rattle and doe bleats in a can. I’m seeing a can of bleats and a pair of antlers on, so I’ll order those and maybe another call as well.


I didn’t get a deer, so I got a box of meat from the Brower Farms in Brown City. It’s chicken breast, porkchops, hamburger patties, ground beef and New York strips.