The Last Hunt

Tomorrow is the last day of firearm season, but I’m probably not going to make it out. I only made it out a few times this year and today was likely my last hunt. I regret that I didn’t hunt the land much when I was young.

I was twelve when we moved into that house and I had been fascinated with the land from the beginning, but I didn’t develop a passion for hunting until I was in my late-twenties. I’ve shot three deer. I guess that’s a feat to be proud of. But I wonder, if I would have started earlier in my life, would I feel more accomplished as a hunter by this point? Would I maybe have gotten the buck I’ve been dreaming about for the last fifteen years?

I see the pictures that so many of you post each hunting season. The ones of yourselves with bucks that have majestic racks. I’m impressed every time I see these pictures, but I always wonder, what do you guys do right that I’m doing wrong?

How is it that the bucks just come out for you? I can think of only three times that I’ve had a buck with a noticeable rack in front of me. They all took off before I could get a shot at them.