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There was no way around it. I needed to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. I just bought the movie on Amazon and I’m starting it now. I feel like I haven’t seen this one before, but I might have.

The Muppets are cool.


I’m not crazy about those movies, except for Die Hard and A Christmas Story. I love A Christmas Story and I refuse to go through Christmas Day without watching it at least once.

But I tend to like everything that’s professionally made. Some better than others, but I’ll probably like it whatever it is. If the people who made the movie know what they’re doing, then it’s probable that I’ll have no complaints.

I barely think of Planes, Trains and Automobiles as a Christmas movie, but I guess that is what it is. The thing that really moves me in that movie is Del sitting alone in the car missing his dead wife. It’s more powerful after I found out at the end that his wife was dead. I like how Neal opened the door and told Del to come in, and they spent the night drinking the those little liquor bottles that Del had in his massive trunk.

Home Alone. How can you not like a movie that has Joe Pesci? I mean, seriously. Joe Pesci! But my favorite parts of Home Alone is when Kevin has that talk with Mr. Marley at the church, and then at the end when Kevin looks out the window and sees Mr. Marley had made peace with his son. That last scene makes me teary-eyed every time.

I often rewatch movies just to see those little scenes that touched my heart.


Last night I watched “The 12th Man” on Netflix. I thought a couple scenes were ridiculous, but I really liked the movie. It’s baseed on the true story of Jan Sigurd Baalsrud who fled the Nazis in Norway in 1943.


I just made it to end of Contagion. Great movie. It also helped me to understand some things better.

So, a bat could mix something in with a pig that’s in line to be eaten by humans, and that can become a deadly virus. Yeah, I can get behind that theory, since bats are the creepiest mammals on the planet.

Prepare for riots.


The Pistons and Nets were tied, 106-106, and went into overtime, which ended with the Nets winning, 121-111.

I soaked chicken in Open Pit honey flavored barbeque sauce before broiling it. It wasn’t bad.

Made it to the end of Inception today. Good movie. Might watch it again.


I don’t always share links, but when I do it’s because something excellent is about to happen.

Earlier today, I was remembering a time when I was in eighth grade. Some rock band put on a thing for the school in the gym. They took Lee Freeland and Mr. Holmes and dressed them up like Bill and Ted. It was interesting to see Mr. Holmes, a teacher who I had thought was a walking stiff, act all mellow and cool in his role as Ted.

Guess I was remembering this, because yesterday my Shipt shopper recognized me from school. That brought forward memories from that time.