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I just made it to end of Contagion. Great movie. It also helped me to understand some things better.

So, a bat could mix something in with a pig that’s in line to be eaten by humans, and that can become a deadly virus. Yeah, I can get behind that theory, since bats are the creepiest mammals on the planet.

Prepare for riots.


The Pistons and Nets were tied, 106-106, and went into overtime, which ended with the Nets winning, 121-111.

I soaked chicken in Open Pit honey flavored barbeque sauce before broiling it. It wasn’t bad.

Made it to the end of Inception today. Good movie. Might watch it again.


I don’t always share links, but when I do it’s because something excellent is about to happen.

Earlier today, I was remembering a time when I was in eighth grade. Some rock band put on a thing for the school in the gym. They took Lee Freeland and Mr. Holmes and dressed them up like Bill and Ted. It was interesting to see Mr. Holmes, a teacher who I had thought was a walking stiff, act all mellow and cool in his role as Ted.

Guess I was remembering this, because yesterday my Shipt shopper recognized me from school. That brought forward memories from that time.