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I Didn’t Blow Up the Kitchen

My cousin Tony gave me a stuffed chicken recipe. Today I gave it a try. I don’t think I did everything exactly right, but I think it was close enough.

For one thing, I got the wrong kind of Mozzarella cheese. It was supposed to be sliced cheese and I got shredded. But I think the only reason it was supposed to be sliced was so you could roll the asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes in it, and then stuff that into the chicken. Makes it easier, I guess. So I just stuffed in the cheese, asparagus and tomatoes unrolled.

I messed up the pockets when I cut them in and I think I overstuffed them with the cheese, asparagus and tomatoes. But it still worked. While cooking, a very pleasant smell filled the kitchen.

I just ate the best meal I ever cooked for myself. It was two good-sized stuffed chicken breasts. I feel fat right now. I’m definitely cooking this again, and I’ll probably do better next time.

The Pistons and Hornets are having a close game.


The Pistons and Nets were tied, 106-106, and went into overtime, which ended with the Nets winning, 121-111.

I soaked chicken in Open Pit honey flavored barbeque sauce before broiling it. It wasn’t bad.

Made it to the end of Inception today. Good movie. Might watch it again.


I sure like my new stove. I’ve used it a lot since I got it in December.  It cooks better than the old stove did. The best part is, I don’t have food getting under the burners anymore. What you see there is a pasta-ground beef mix.

Other news. The Pistons are in the NBA playoffs. This is the second game. 2nd quarter. Pistons 36 – Bucks 41. I think they need to win four out of seven games. They already lost the first game, hope they don’t lose tonight.


At least the Pistons didn’t break my heart tonight. They were around twenty points behind until sometime in the third quarter, when they blew past the Timberwolves. Final score, Detroit 131 – Minnesota 114.


My sister took the picture before I headed out today. I got in a few hours of hunting. It was pretty windy, and a bit cold. But it’s better when it’s cold. If you shoot a deer on a warm day, it might rot before you can get it butchered.

I really wanted to use my regular compound bow this year. I didn’t use it much in the past because the ceiling in my shack was low and the top of the bow would hit the ceiling. The ceiling of my tower’s blind is plenty high enough for a regular bow, and I might have used it. But I did something to my left elbow a couple months ago. It hurts when I draw back the string on the regular bow and I can’t hold it for long.

So, it’s the crossbow again.

I’m starting to think I’m going to need surgery to fix whatever’s wrong with my elbow. Think I tore something.

The Pistons beat the Cavs. They played on the Michigan State court today, not sure why. I have Game 1 of the Dodger-Brewer NLCS on. Top of the 6th, LAD 1- MIL 5.

I’d kill for some tacos right now.

NBA Preseason

The Pistons didn’t win, but it was a good game.

You know, I can’t seem to watch a basketball game without thinking about something a lot of people say, “Basketball is a terrible sport because it’s too easy to score.”

I think these people are missing the point. The game isn’t how hard it is to score, the game is who can score the most. I happen to think basketball is a wonderful sport. It’s a sport that keeps you moving. Players don’t get much time to rest.

You get a lot of exercise playing basketball and you likely have very good reflexes. It’s a game that I was never good at, but it looks like a lot of fun for those who play it.