I Didn’t Blow Up the Kitchen

My cousin Tony gave me a stuffed chicken recipe. Today I gave it a try. I don’t think I did everything exactly right, but I think it was close enough.

For one thing, I got the wrong kind of Mozzarella cheese. It was supposed to be sliced cheese and I got shredded. But I think the only reason it was supposed to be sliced was so you could roll the asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes in it, and then stuff that into the chicken. Makes it easier, I guess. So I just stuffed in the cheese, asparagus and tomatoes unrolled.

I messed up the pockets when I cut them in and I think I overstuffed them with the cheese, asparagus and tomatoes. But it still worked. While cooking, a very pleasant smell filled the kitchen.

I just ate the best meal I ever cooked for myself. It was two good-sized stuffed chicken breasts. I feel fat right now. I’m definitely cooking this again, and I’ll probably do better next time.

The Pistons and Hornets are having a close game.

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