Dreamt of Home

I had a dream that I was looking over the house I currently own and have lived in for eight years. I was trying to figure out how I might be able to fix the sloping floor in the kitchen. It’s not bad, but I would like to get it leveled out at some point.

In the dream, I was down in the basement studying the boards that hold the floor up. I went back upstairs and I wasn’t in my current house anymore. I was in the house I lived in before this one.

It was a little house with a huge lawn, on South Elba Road. I was with a woman who I really loved when I moved in there, so I would say some of my best memories happened there. But I lived there for eight and a half years and that was too long. After about two years there, I was really disliking the place.

The biggest problem for me was the house was too small. It felt cramped. The ceiling was only about a foot above my head and I had no trouble reaching it. The Livingroom was small, the bedroom was small. I often felt like I was being crushed.

Other problems were the furnace, water pump, water softener and water heater would sometimes breakdown or blow the circuit breaker.

I guess the kitchen was a little bigger than my current kitchen, but not much. The bathroom was much bigger than my current bathroom. All I really miss about that house was the long kitchen counter and the long bathroom counter. I like having counter space. Also, the kitchen had more cabinets than my current kitchen does.

And it was nice having a back sliding door, even though it often went off its tracks.

The house I live in now, that I bought from my landlords last year, it is so much nicer and roomier than the previous house. When I moved in here, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I’m very happy here. It’s not cramped at all and I cannot reach the ceiling unless I’m standing on something.

About six months after I moved out of the house on Elba Road, there was an electrical fire that destroyed the place and it was soon torn down.