I Got These Blues

I made a mistake
Being a cheapskate.
I should’ve bought alcohol
Before it was too late.
I hoped to end the year
On a happier note.
Instead, I got these blues.

It was shortly after Halftime
That I picked up my guitar.
I played the thing in a way
That I haven’t played in years.
McNamara’s pass was intercepted
In the endzone,
And I got these blues.

Penalties and fumbles,
The ball turned over too many times.
The Bulldogs were a brickwall
And a charging pack.
Thanks to Moody and Henning,
We got in a fieldgoal and a touchdown.
But I still got these blues.

I jammed through the game
As I watched the nightmare unfold.
They finished up with 11-34.
The Orange Bowl didn’t go
The way I had hoped.
But I love my team,
So, I got these blues.

Big Ten Championship

The Michigan Wolverines are the Big Ten Champions!

They beat Iowa 42-3. Y’all said they would choke in the Championship Game?

Jim Harbaugh is a great coach. Don’t ever again suggest in my hearing that he should be fired.

I’m proud of my team. They are the champs.


We won! We beat the Ohio State Buckeyes! 42-27. I can go to my grave happy.

To y’all who said Harbaugh can’t win a big game, up yours! He just won the biggest game there is.

Thank you, Jim Harbaugh. Thank you, Cade McNamara, Hassan Haskins and J. J. McCarthy. Thank you, Blake Corum, Andrel Anthony, Josh Ross and all the Michigan Wolverines who gave us this victory today.


The Astros just beat Rays again. It was very close there at the end and I went a bit crazy when the Astros won it. They are my number two team after all. One more win and the Astros will have the division. Then they’ll face either the Twins or the Yankees in the ALCS.

I hate the Yankees with passion. I like the Twins only about two or three centimeters more than I hate the Yankees. Maybe it’d be more fun to have the team I hate more play my number two team in the ALCS. So, I guess I’ll pull for the Yankees in their division. Not that they need me. The odds are in their favor, same as the Astros.

In the NLDS, The Cardinals and the Braves are 1-1, so are the Nationals and the Dodgers. I don’t care much for the Cardinals, but I like the Braves. I don’t like the Nationals, but I like the Dodgers. If the Dodgers and the Braves both with their NLDSs, it’ll be tough deciding who to root for in the NLCS.

Michigan beat Iowa earlier today. Michigan State did not manage to beat Ohio State. I hate the Buckeyes more than the Yankees. In fact, I hate the Buckeyes more than I hate the Cowboys and the Indians. I don’t think there’s a team in sports that I hate more than the Ohio State Buckeyes.

So, yeah, I’m disappointed that Sparty failed to wreck what’s looking like a perfect season for the Buckeyes.