I Got These Blues

I made a mistake
Being a cheapskate.
I should’ve bought alcohol
Before it was too late.
I hoped to end the year
On a happier note.
Instead, I got these blues.

It was shortly after Halftime
That I picked up my guitar.
I played the thing in a way
That I haven’t played in years.
McNamara’s pass was intercepted
In the endzone,
And I got these blues.

Penalties and fumbles,
The ball turned over too many times.
The Bulldogs were a brickwall
And a charging pack.
Thanks to Moody and Henning,
We got in a fieldgoal and a touchdown.
But I still got these blues.

I jammed through the game
As I watched the nightmare unfold.
They finished up with 11-34.
The Orange Bowl didn’t go
The way I had hoped.
But I love my team,
So, I got these blues.