Not Everything I Write Is Great

Not everything I write is great. A lot of it sucks. I just make it a point to finish every story I start before I start another one, no matter how awful it is or how long it’s taking me to get it done. I will finish it.

This is something I wish I had been doing when I was young. I didn’t actually get into this mindset until my mid-30s.

The thing, for me anyway, is not to write the greatest stories, but to just get all these stories down before I die. Sometimes they come out good, sometimes I think they’re great. Sometimes they suck, but at least I got the thing done.

So, I finished that sport-themed short story today. It closed up with 22 pages, 4,596 words. I’m satisfied with it.

I already started the next short story. This one is another noir. I’m on page 3 and I’m 353 words in. I like how it’s going, so far.

I got six pages into the novel. The novel is now 377 pages and 76,209 words.

So, a total of eleven pages of fiction written today. I wanted to get in a few more, but I’m burning out.

I cooked a good-sized steak for supper. My mom and dad gave me a bunch of different seasonings for Christmas. I’ve been using the Weber Steak & Chop Seasoning a lot. I really like it.

I’m going to watch the last period of the Red Wing-Star game. They’re tied. 3-3.