Dreams and Dogs

Just woke from a dream that had me going out to my shed to find that someone had cut the lock and stolen everything inside.

Maybe it’s time to get another dog. I’ll need one that barks as much as Luci did.

Fucking Wasps

Just finished mowing the front lawn. Part of the way through the task, I think I mowed over a wasp nest and got stung on the ankle. I hopped away from the mower and muttered cusses for a few minutes, then started the mower back up and finished the lawn.

Still got that wicked stinging on my ankle, and it’s a bit swollen.

I’m not allergic to wasp strings.

Lions and Tigers

Lions won by one point. 27-26. I thought they played well. It was just a preseason game, but nice to have football back. I didn’t see last weeks’ game. I know they lost last week, but I hear they played very well.

Just switched over to Bally. Looks like Tigers won by one run. 4-3.


Tigers are playing on another channel and I thought I would switch from game to game, watch some here and some there. But I can’t reach the remote control, so I’m just watching the Lions. The game is tied. 3rd Quarter just started.