Michigan Beat State

I just watched Michigan’s women’s basketball team beat Michigan State. 35-32. They were toe to toe when I turned the game on and it was a little tense.

There are times when I’m in discussions about sports and someone says they don’t have time for men and their balls. I immediately think about the women’s leagues that are struggling. I think WNBA is doing okay, but it’s not as popular as NBA. I know there is, or was, a women’s professional football league. Women’s football leagues surface and then collapse because of lack of support.

When people say they don’t have time for men and their balls, I’m thinking maybe they would be interested in supporting the women’s leagues that need to grow their fanbases.

I tell them about the women’s leagues and suggest that they might be interested in following them. Then they say, they’re not interested in sports.

Why didn’t they just say that? Why did they have to make a comment about men and their balls?