I’m not Barbara Walters, but this is 2020

Five years ago, automobiles flew along interstates in the sky, we had hover boards and automatic dogwalkers, and a number of amazing things that people fifty years earlier thought impossible. But here we are, grounded in 2020. Only airplanes and helicopters hover and fly. That’s what happens when a society moves backward instead of forward. So much was gained and later lost in the ongoing political-social tug-a-war. The struggle is real.

The Roaring Twenties are on us once again. This being an election year and considering how polarized our nation has become, I reckon there’s going to be a lot of roaring.

I’m going to try blogging every day, about random things. Whatever happens to be on my mind when I’m ready to blog. I’m also going to try getting work into short stories and novels every day. The novel I’m writing now is currently at 55,119 words and 270 pages, and I’m not halfway through it yet. My daily planner allows me to get work into a novel and a short story each day, though it’s not always writing, sometimes it’s editing.

Today sucked. Been sick for two days and I feel like crap. I hope it’s over by the time I wake in the morning. I don’t want to be sick while I try to make the first day of 2020 happen as planned.

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