A Failed First Day

Today did not go as planned. I got a little done, but not much. My checklist includes not only projects, but also household chores and other tasks that I try to get through each day. It’s not so much to keep me moving, it’s more so I don’t forget to do things.

Keeping a checklist works for me. Not perfectly, but it helps a lot. I kind of approach it like a game and I try to have a perfect year, but that never happens.

Today’s failure was the result of me being sick. I woke up this morning with an ax blade stuck in my head. I got up, walked around a bit, felt really fucking dizzy. I was also coughing so hard, I thought I would break my spine.

I went back to bed, lay under layers of blankets and tried to sweat this disease out of my system. The headache went away at some point, but I was still coughing a lot.

I noticed a little while ago that the coughing is starting to subside. It’s not so constant anymore. Maybe in another day or two, I’ll be disease-free and have my energy back.

I’m watching Tremors on Netflix.