it’s like this…

My patio used to be 16ftx18ft. But it had cracks and weeds growing through it. Before I bought the house from my landlords, they tore out the old patio, and then to stay within a budget, they made the new patio smaller.

Ever since, it’s been my goal to get the patio back to its old size. The big patio was one of the features I liked about the house, and I’m especially eager to make that L-shaped patch of dirt go away.

I might have it put back a square at a time. Starting with Square 1, and then some time later, I’ll do Square 2, and then Square 3. Or I might have the whole thing put back in a single day. Depends on what would cost what and how much I want to spend in a single day.

One way or the other, the patio is going to be put back. This is the first major project I’m going to have done on my property. It’ll be started very soon, too. Just as soon as I  find someone to hire for the job.

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