Loppers are handy tools

Been busting ass in the back yard today. Cleaning up the leftovers from last Fall. Leaves and sticks mostly. I didn’t burn anything today, but I did pile a lot of sticks in the fire ring, though most of them I’ll be moving out before I light a fire. Can’t burn all that at once, the fire would be too big.

I didn’t think to take before pictures until I was halfway through clearing this mess of thin tree stumps. Those stumps used to be tall trees that hung over that portion of the yard and the shed. It was a mess. In December, my landlords had them cut so they could paint the shed and give it a new roof.

I took the loppers and cleared up the stumps and now I have a another pile of sticks to burn. I’m still not done with this area. Going to clear up the leaves and rocks, and see if I can cut the stumps shorter. But I’m beat, so it’s time to call it a day.

Don’t you hate it when those thin trees grow through fences. Got a couple stuck in the fence.

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