Get It Shipt

It started as a means for me to try Carlo Rossi’s Sangria. My friend Megan suggested I try the sangria, but I wasn’t finding it at Kroger where I usually shop. I didn’t want to ask for a ride to Meijer, which is a bit farther away. I made a comment about how it would be easier if I could find a service that would deliver the sangria to my home.

Megan and my cousin Mark told me about and my life is forever changed.  Since then, the only time I’m in the grocery store is when I’m tagging along with my dad while he’s shopping.

It’s not that I don’t want to go grocery shopping. In the past, I had very bad social anxiety issues, but my anxiety isn’t so bad anymore and I actually like going out these day. The problem was, there were many times when I wanted to get something from the store and there was no one available to give me a ride.

I had looked for services that would deliver groceries, but none of them operated in Lapeer. I didn’t expect Shipt would either. But they do and they’ve been delivering my groceries since December. It costs more than it would if I was going to the grocery store and doing my own shopping, but for me, it’s worth it.

I was tired of asking for rides and waiting until someone was available. Sometimes it would be days before anyone could take me. So, Shipt has made my life easier.