Auto and Semi-auto

This isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. I just want to talk about it, because I keep encountering people who don’t know the difference between an automatic weapon and a semi-automatic weapon.

An automatic weapon fires multiple rounds per trigger pull.

A semi-automatic weapon fires one round per trigger pull.

Automatic weapons are Military hardware and, I think, the police have them too. I think most modern Military infantry rifles have selective fire, which means they can be set for automatic, three-round burst or semi-automatic.

Since the Reagan years, it’s illegal to sell automatic weapons to civilians. Some people own them, but they were likely purchased before the ban.

I don’t mind that automatic weapons aren’t available to civilians. I see automatic weapons as wastes of ammo. Firing multiple rounds per trigger pull, you probably missed your target a few times.

I’m also fine with the idea of outlawing kits, bump stocks and whatever else that can make a semi-automatic fire as a full-auto. I had thought these things were already illegal, but then I was hearing that they’re not. So, I guess they’re legal. Which doesn’t make sense. If there’s already a ban on automatic weapons, why then are you allowed to convert your semi-auto to a full-auto?

Again, this isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. It’s just what I was thinking about this morning.