Eclipse 2017

So, which is it? Some articles say this was the first total solar eclipse in the history of the United States and some articles say 1979 was last time a total solar eclipse was seen in the United States. Conflicting information. Doesn’t anyone know what they’re talking about anymore?

Anyway, my left eye feels a little not-all-there. My first accidental glance at the sun was when I was checking to see how well shaded my backyard is, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave my dog outside. Didn’t want her looking at the sun and going blind. I looked up at one of the trees and saw the sun shining through the branches. I looked away, but already there was a burnt shape in my vision.

Then, although I knew the sun could damage my phone’s camera, I decided to try what that meme on Facebook had suggested. Put your phone in selfie mode, stand with your back to the sun and watch the eclipse over your shoulder.

Oh, yeah! So genius!

I forgot how reflective my phone’s screen is in daylight. The sun zapped right into my eyes like a laser.

After that, I decided I wasn’t going to try to see this thing anymore. But then my dad sent me a text asking if I wanted to go over to his house and watch the eclipse through his welding mask. I did.

Don’t know if it was necessary, but we wore sun glasses behind the welding mask for additional protection. It really worked. We could see the black orb cutting deeper and deeper into the yellow orb. The day took on an eerie gloom.

When it was over, a flying saucer came out of the sky and hovered above us. A door opened and there stood a little green man. The green man gave us a thumb-up, and then the flying saucer flew away.

I kid you not.

3 Thoughts to “Eclipse 2017”

  1. I just read an article yesterday that said there is no need to worry about your pets looking at the sun. They know better than humans to not do that.
    I also read welding masks are good if they have the protection levels of 12, 13 or 14. You should not be able to see any lights through the mask , except the sun.
    I glanced up at it myself just trying to locate the sun. That is very dangerous. After only a second long peak I had a big floater in my eye for awhile. It is gone now, but they say that can be permanent. That is scary shit.
    Lots of people looked at it unprotected, even that bozo Donald Trump did (like we can count on him to set a good example). I am waiting for reports to see how many people went blind, but my understanding is, if you can read without having a blurry circle in the center of your vision, you are fine.
    I filmed about 10 minutes of it with my ipad laying on the hood of my car. I set it up at the time the moon was supposed to cross the sun’s path, but all I can see is the bright sun. I can’t see the moon at all. Disappointing.

  2. Rob Darnell

    I wouldn’t have thought about it, but the other night I saw something that said to bring your pets in during the eclipse. I filmed it with my phone for a minute, but all that shows in a yellow circle.

    Dad’s welding mask has high protection.

    I saw a picture of Trump looking at it without protection. It’s like he’s trying to show the world how tough he is.

  3. Rob Darnell

    It’s not true. He looked up at the sun without glasses, but so did we. During the rest of it, he was wearing glasses. Here’s a video:

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