Back in the Slammer

I’m in Facebook jail again, for posting this:

I swear to God, this system they have on Facebook is dumb as fuck. Last time, I was locked up for suggesting the court of law should give the death sentence to people who commit treason. This time, it’s for expressing my anger.

Both times, they called it incitement of violence. If they bothered to look at the entire context of these posts, they might see how stupid their system is. But they don’t do that. They take little remarks out of context and lock your ass up, giving you no opportunity to clarify what you meant.

While in lockup, I can’t post or comment on Facebook. I can only read other people’s posts and use the messenger. I should be out in a couple days, but I expect my account will have some restrictions for a while, just so they can make sure I’m properly punished for my offenses.

Anyway, I got in a little more writing last night. The current scores:

Novel 6
Words Added: 305
Total Wordcount: 96,549
Total Pagecount: 475

Story 44
Words Added: 319
Total Wordcount: 998
Total Pagecount: 6