Back in January, I had brief email contact with Father Mike, the pastor who oversaw my aunt Barb’s celebratory mass at the St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lake Orion. One of the things I expressed to him was my thoughts about becoming Catholic. Father Mike told me simply, “When you’re ready, let me know.”

I really liked that. “When you’re ready.” No pressure whatsoever. I’ve since found out that it is commonly said at Catholic churches to people who are thinking about becoming Catholic.

I don’t know if I’ll ever commit to it, but I’ve thought about becoming Catholic for quite a few years now. There are times when I talk about it and people don’t understand why it has to be the Catholic Church.

I’ve tried explaining why I have no interest in other churches or branches of Christianity. I’ll either be Catholic or I’ll be nothing religiously. But I don’t really have much of an explanation. All I know is I feel at home in Catholic churches. I don’t feel at home in other churches.