On the Porch like Clint Eastwood

I posted this on Facebook five days ago. I wanted to post it on my other blogs too and I decided not to fix the typos.

A little drunk noow. After mowing the front lawn, i decided to sit on porch and drink beer. About two hours later, i’m still sitting here.

I love this house so much, i can’t express how much i love my house. I’m so proud to be the owner of the blue house on Annibal Drive. Some people have called it a cute little house and I oughta slap them. In my eyes, this house is a glorious mansion.

So, i sit on the front porch and i drink beer, and i spit over the rails. I feel like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. . I know made that referance to Gran Torino a number of times. I guess that movie was sort of an inspiration, it was on my mind my mind when i realized i was going to do whatever i could to buy this house when my landlords announced they wanted to sell it.

Some people prefer to sit in the back yard. But i perfer to sit on front porch. It feels lonely sitting out back. I like being in the front. .

I like this neighborhood and wish i knew the neighbors. I’m prohahly aan asshole in their eyes though, considering how much angry yelling comes from my house since i moved in. Even so, i still love it here and plan to be here for tht rest of my life.

Well, i typed thtese whole thing on my phone and there are probaby a bunch of typos. I might fix them later if i log in on the computer, or i might not bother .