I Was Wrong

Early on, when the virus was just arriving in America, I didn’t think it would be so bad. I was wrong. The US now has almost 600,000 more cases and over 22,000 more COVID-related deaths than the second place runner. 73,000 Americans have recovered, sure. But 700,000 are still sick. 43,000 deaths out of 800,000 cases is not a small number.

That’s pretty messed up. America should have been in one of best positions fighting this virus. Instead we’re in the absolute worse position. And this is just the beginning.

I’m still pretty mad about all the supplies being bought up. Even Chewy is out of the food I’ve been feeding my cat for years. I put in the order anyway and they say it’ll ship when it comes in stock. I hope it does soon, because I don’t think it would be good for Buddy if I switched him to a cheap brand.

Some people are saying that the people who bought up all the supplies are the smart ones. That they are the true survivalists. That they took the pandemic seriously and acted appropriately. Bullshit. Those inconsiderate, stupid assholes now have enough toilet paper, soap and such to last them ten to twenty years.

A couple weeks ago, I put in an order on Amazon for hand soap and bar soap. Neither was in-stock at the time, but they said it would ship when it came in stock. Yesterday, the hand soap was delivered. This means my last four bars will last longer, because I won’t have to use them to wash my hands.

I’m still waiting for the bar soap I ordered to come in stock and ship.