Because Lockdown is a Drag

Driven 100 mph – Might’ve
Ridden in a helicopter – Not sure
Gone zip lining – Huh?
Been to an NFL game – Yes
Been to Canada – yes
Visited Florida – yes
Visited Mexico – no
Visited Las Vegas- no
Eaten alone at a restaurant – no
Ability to read music – no
Ridden a motorcycle – yes
Ridden a horse – yes
Stayed in a hospital – yes
Donated blood – no
Been snow skiing- no
Been to Disney World – no
Disney Land – no
Slept outside – yes
Driven a stick shift – yes
Ridden in an 18 wheeler – no
Ridden in a police car – yes
Driven a boat – yes
Eaten Escargot – Huh?
Been on an airplane – yes
Been on a cruise – no
Run out of gas – no
Been on TV – yes
Eaten Sushi – probably
Seen a UFO – Maybe
Been Bungie jumping – no
Been skydiving – Want to