Speedy Delivery

This picture was sent to me from the DoorDasher who delivered my food from Arby’s in record time. I told him he was fast and that he could drive in NASCAR, and I gave him a 5-star rating.

Previously, I had thought leaving our food deliveries at the door was ridiculous, but now I prefer it that way. At least until this crisis is over. CV-19 is spreading very fast in America. Now we have 100,717 confirmed cases in the US. 3,657 of those cases are Michigan. 92 Michiganders have died. Those numbers will probably be tripled next week.

I doubt this virus could take me down, but at the same time, I would rather not have to deal with it. And I certainly don’t want to be one to pass it on to someone else. I would like to be someone who manages to sidestep this sucker, just for sport. We’ll see if I accomplish that feat.

I was skeptical about ordering food, but I really didn’t feel like cooking today. I’m just going to hope the employees at Arby’s are taking CV-19 seriously and that they took the necessary measures to assure no bat DNA ended up on any part of my order. I did my part the best I could, which probably wasn’t very good.