3 Thoughts to “CV-19: China Returns to Normal”

  1. Fred

    Really don’t trust information coming out of places like China. They just expelled U.S. Journalists who could confirm if that is true or not. China is a totalitarian nation where the government decides what the truth is going to be. Trump and Fox News try to do the samething, but they don’t have the control China has.
    China is the number one exporter of goods in the world. It is the only thing that sustains their economic power. Trade has slowed dramtically since reported that the virus started there. It would make perfect sense economically for China to expell foreign reporters and start pushing the narrative that the virus has passed so that trade can resume.
    Pay attrntion to Italy. The death toll is very high there and not slowing yet. It is also tripling everyday here. .

  2. That crossed my mind. That’s why I checked with the Johns Hopkins site. They are not getting their information from the media.

    China is a totalitarian nation. They’ve also been very strict with the quarantining and they’ve been on lockdown for months.

    This shows that people can recover.

    I know what’s going on in Italy and everywhere else. I’ve been paying very close attention to this.

  3. Fred

    I know. But John Hopkins got that information from China.

    That is true. A heavy lock down would certainly contain the virus until it passes.

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