No Riots at Kroger in Davison

Yesterday I was told by a close family member that there was hardly anything on the shelves at Kroger in Davison. But they must be restocking quickly.

I just went there with my dad. There’s lot of food products. but yes, many shelves are empty. In the fresh fruit and vegetables area, there were a lot of empty shelves. A lot of the lunch meat was gone. The cold shelves, where the beef, pork and chicken is, were largely empty. All the jars of Red Hots were gone, the summer sausage too.

There was no bread. No eggs. Most of the bottled water was gone. We didn’t go down the toilet paper aisle or the hygiene aisle, so I don’t know what they looked like. Apparently, the hoarders have not touched the beer aisle yet. There was plenty of pop and plenty of chips. Plenty of wine.

My dad heard over the speakers while we were there that they just had an order of meat delivered and it was in the back. So, looks like they’re doing what they can to keep from running out.

There were a lot of people, but not as many as I had expected. I didn’t see any craziness. Everyone seemed to be doing their normal shopping.