CV-19: ‘Tis the End of the World?

I know a lot is happening, but I’m still not any more worried about the virus than I was at the start. I know it’s bad and I know it’s spreading. The results we’re seeing were expected. So, the virus hit some famous people, one who happens to be an NBA player and now NBA is suspended. Probably other professional sports will follow. School sports are already shut down, a lot of people are being told to work from home, etc.

But the virus is not as scary as the people who are panicking.

1,200 people out 300 million is a very small number. But many more people are going to get this virus. There is no vaccine for it, no cure, and there is still so much about it that is not known. Plus, there are no hygiene products to be found, so how are we going to wash our hands?

I stand by what I said before. Most people who get CV-19 will get through it. I could be wrong, though. I’m often wrong. So, who knows?