The Panic is the Real Problem

My Shipt Shopper sent me this picture the other day. I can’t say for sure if it’s related to Coronavirus panic buying, but it could be. She had a lot of trouble filling my order and we had to substitute different items for what I wanted. I had planned to spend around $100, but because so much stuff just wasn’t in the store, I ended up spending much less than that.

People keep telling me that I should be more concerned about CV-19. Well, yeah, sure. I have a reasonable amount of concern about it. I don’t want to catch it and I know it can be very bad for people who I care about it. So, I hope they don’t catch it either.

But I completely agree that the way they are reporting about Coronavirus is very irresponsible. They are the reason for all this panic buying, and people who are insisting that we should be more concerned are contributing to the fear caused by this irresponsible reporting.

Now soap, sanitizer, toilet paper, and all kind of stuff are becoming hard to find. People are buying this stuff up so they can avoid going to the store and coming into contact with someone who is carrying the virus. That leaves a lot of other people unable to find the stuff they need to keep themselves clean and fed.

Eventually, they might start telling us to wash our hands only when absolutely necessary to preserve our soap and sanitizer.

5 Thoughts to “The Panic is the Real Problem”

  1. Fred

    The entire country of Italy has been shut down. France has canceled and closed all activities. The national guard has been ordered to quarantine a community in New York City. I don’t think that is because of media hype.

  2. But a lot of people are panicking and buying up stuff that other people need.

  3. I’m more afraid of the people panicking than I am of CV-19.

  4. Fred

    They might have to self quarantine and wont be able to shop for weeks

  5. But what about everyone else who need that stuff too?

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