And Another

I dreamt that I confronted a woman who stole my dog. She refused to give my dog back. I went home and soon received a text from the woman. She told me I needed to go to the police station and talk to Officer Oak Lancher.

I realize now that Oak Lancher is a minor character in one of my novels. He is a law enforcement figure, but in a medieval setting. He’s not a good guy, he’s dangerous.

So, I went into the police station and talked to the officer at the front desk. I explained why I was there. She led me through the station. I noticed that there were a lot of computers. Halfway along, the lights went off and then came back on.

The desk officer led me to an empty cubicle office , where I would wait for Oak Lancher. She signed something to me that didn’t make sense. See the video.

So, her signs were K. O. R., but what was that last thing? “Watch”? “K. O. R. watch”? I was confused in the dream and I’m confused now. I wanna know what the hell she was telling me. I guess it’s another one of those unsolvable puzzles that dreams throw at us.

Well, I woke up before I got to meet Oak Lancher. In the dream, I wasn’t aware that he was one of my characters, but now I know and I wonder if he would have been like he is in the novel.