Aunt Barb

I just got home from the Suncrest nursing home, where I saw my aunt Barb for possibly the last time. She has a stage 4 kidney disease and decided to not do dialysis. It was a small family gathering, with pizza.

I keep thinking about a time when me, my brother Fred and our cousin Jimmy were walking around town during Lapeer Days. We stopped by Aunt Barb’s house for while and she let us watch Mtv. I remember that one of the videos was Guns n’ Roses’ November Rain, which Barb seemed to like as much as us. That would have been in the early 90’s.

Aunt Barb never talked to me like I was “special”. She talked to me with the same respect and manner that she talked to anyone else, and I really appreciate that. In Barb’s presence, I felt like an equally intelligent person.

I always loved Aunt Barb. She is an important person in my life.

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