‘Twas a Good Day to Hunt

It was cold and snow covered everything. This morning my dad cut down the tree, or cluster of trees that were blocking my shot. Now I can set the bait by the Bat Shack across the way. See the Before picture to understand how those trees were blocking my shot.

The woods along the outside of this clearing, that’s where the deer usually came from. So, facing this way, I might see them before they enter the clearing.

I didn’t see anything yesterday or today, but I’m sure some deer will come along before the season ends.

My cousin Anthony suggested I leave a note for the trespasser. Here it is.

It says:

Dear Goldilocks,

I would rather you didn’t use my tower, but I know some guys are desperate for a place to hunt. If you can’t resist trespassing onto my territory to use my tower when I’m not here, please close the windows and the door when you’re done hunting. I don’t want to climb up here one day and have a bird fly in my face.

Three Bears

If you could leave beer by the feed can under the tower, I would be very grateful.