Posted on Facebook this morning

One of my biggest fears is drowning. When I was a kid, a boat that a friend and I were in flipped. I never learned to swim and would have drowned if my friend hadn’t pulled me out. Since then I’ve been having dreams that involve me getting stuck in waterways and floods.

I just woke up from one where my mom, me and someone else were on a walkway under a bridge. I fell and slid down the concrete slope into the canal. The water higher than my ankles, but it was slowly rising. The slope was too steep to climb.

I thought my mom was saying something about some steps to my left. I looked over, but all I saw was the mouth of a big pipe that water was passing through.

I started moving that way to see what my mom was talking about, but the closer I got to the pipe the deeper the water became, and then my mom was telling me not to go that way. So, I moved back to where I was. I was starting to panic when I woke up.