I just ordered some stuff from Mostly scent covers, but also got a bandolier holster for one of my pistols and a predator call. There are too many coyotes in the area.

You can hunt coyote year-round on a Base License, except for November 10-14 when you will need a Harvester License to hunt coyote. You can hunt coyote with a pistol, rifle, shotgun or bow. Many diifferent calibers are allowed, including .22lr.

Coyote can be hunted day and night, but at night you must be on the ground and not in a stand. You will need a predator call when hunting coyote at night. If you’re hunting coyote on state or public land at night. centerfire rifles and pistols are not allowed, but rimfire rifles and pistols are, as well as shotguns.

I’m just jotting all this down so I don’t forget it. I’m actually hunting deer, but if I encounter a coyote, I might take it.