I posted this in a forums discussion over a month ago. Thought I’d share it here.

For me, trying different beers is like a hobby. Currently, I’m on the look out for a beer called Alaskan White, which was recommended by my cousin Anthony who lives in Alaska. I know some places in Michigan sell it, but I haven’t found it yet. I guess the name of the beer, Alaskan White, makes me think it’s an exceptionally good beer, and refreshing to drink when it’s 90 degrees outside. The name Alaskan White brings to mind beer coming fresh from a pile of snow in Alaska.

It’s hard to say which are my favorites. I like Samuel Adams’ blends, and will usually go for the Boston Lager. Corona or Heineken might get chosen, depending on my mood and whether I feel they’ll do what I need them to.

Miller Lite is the only light beer that I regularly buy. I don’t mind other light beers, but usually only drink them when it’s what someone else is offering.

The beer I get the most is Budweiser. Because it’s cheap, it’s right there and I know it works. On hot days, especially after working in the sun, I don’t want a dark flavory beer. I want a cheap, watery beer. That’s when Budweiser and Miller Lite are best.

I haven’t found a beer I dislike, but there are some that I don’t like as much. That would be most other light beers. Something about the way they taste just doesn’t do it for me as well as non-light beers, or they have an after-taste that I’m not crazy about. There’s Pabst and Hamm’s, that I do get quite a bit, but they are not favorites. Drink enough Pabst and Hamm’s and you start to notice that the liquid is a little thick.

Right now I’m having a Miller Lite. It’s a hot day and Miller really got it right with their light beer.