Oh gee, what the hell is this?

I’ve made it no secret how frustrated I get with the Department of Natural Resources. It’s probably just me being feebleminded. I’ll bet the rest of you don’t have the hissy fits that I do when trying to make sense of the laws and regulations the DNR stirred up for the hunting season I’m interested in.

I still haven’t gotten my turkey license. Although the Spring Turkey season runs from April 23 to May 31, it looks like you can’t really hunt for the entire season. There are several different license and they’re good for six-day periods. Except for, it looks like, the last option which allows you to hunt from May 14 to May 31.  Think I’ll get the last one.

The question on my mind is “Why?” I’m pretty sure there’s not as many people turkey hunting as there will be deer hunting. I don’t think there’s a shortage of wild turkey. I know how hard it is to hunt turkey. They don’t have the sense of smell that deer do, but they see everything.

I don’t want to complain, but sure wish I could have a whole month to hunt turkey. The more time I have in the field, the better my chances.