On January 1, I started a workout program. Every day, I go down to basement and punch my heavy bag and speed bag. It’s not much, I admit. But it seems to be the only exercise I really enjoy. I get bored with most other forms of exercise. I used to have a weight bench and I lifted regularly. After my last hernia, I decided not to lift weights anymore and got rid of the bench.

I had the punching bags for years, but I didn’t use them as much as I should have. Today is January 31 and I just finished my workout, so I have not missed a single day since the new year started.

It’s gotten too easy to complete my workout sessions. So, starting tomorrow, because it’s the beginning of a new month, my workout sessions will last longer. I plan to add more time every month.

I might include a treadmill or exercise bike at some point, but that remains to be seen.