I Screwed Up

Okay, I just got my phone back on. In the past, the bank had declined many payments to my Florida based phone company, on the grounds that Florida is a high fraud state. But the bank is still honoring my request to not decline those payments anymore.

The reason they declined the latest payment is the information the phone company had is for a debit card that recently expired. I forgot to update that information when I activated my new card.

Perhaps the phone company should have notified me. Or maybe they did. I get a call on my phone every now and again, but I don’t answer the phone because I won’t be able to hear what’s being said. For the same reason, I don’t listen to voice messages.  Texting is the best way to contact me.

So, the blame does not fall on the bank.

2 Thoughts to “I Screwed Up”

  1. Fred

    They are supposed to send you a new card in the mail before you old card expires. That is how you know to update the payment information.

  2. Rob Darnell

    They did sent me a new card before the old card expired. I just forgot to update that information for the phone company.

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