Getting Tired of My Bank Looking Out for Me

Hi! How may I help you today?

Me: It seems I have no cell phone service. I can’t call or text.

Angel: Hi Rob. Thank you for visiting.

.Angel: I’m sorry to hear that.

Angel: Let me check on your account. Are we working for the phone number that ends with XXXX?

Me: Yes.

Angel: Okay.

Angel: May I please have your address?

Me: XXXX Annibal Dr. Lapeer, MI 48446

Angel: Thank you. Please bear with me as I review your account.

Me: Ditto

Angel: Thank you for waiting. Please bear with me as my system is running slow.

Angel: Thank you for waiting. Upon checking, it shows that you already reached your scheduled service end date. To restore your service, you need to refill your account.

Angel: Do you have an airtime card with you or are you going to use your credit card?

Me: It’s supposed to refill automatically.

Angel: Let me check further. Please allow me a moment.

Angel: Upon checking further, it shows that your last transaction was declined by your bank.

Me: Oh, Jesus. My bank has done that in the past. I’m furious. Thank you, Angel. You’ve been very helpful. I’ll give my bank, yet, another earful.

Angel: You are welcome.

Angel: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?

Me: Nope, that’s everything. Thank you. Best wishes and warm regards.

Angel: You are welcome.

The problem is, I thought my phone bill was already paid and it’s not, because the bank declined the scheduled payment and didn’t notify me. So, now I won’t have phone service until I can get in touch with someone at the bank tomorrow and tell them to send the payment through.

The problem is, I already told my bank to stop declining payments to this particular company. There were no problems for quite some time, but now it seems the bank has forgotten my request and is back to declining payments to this Florida based company simply because it’s a Florida based company.

But don’t get me wrong. I don’t have many complaints about my bank, just some of their measures drive me up the wall.