Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black. I had followed the series since it launched on Netflix in 2013. I finished the final season about two weeks ago. I wanted to write something about the series, but wasn’t sure how to go at it. Then my sister told me Saturday night that she’d just gotten home from the women’s prison in Ohio, where she’d gone with members of her church to deliver the gospel. That sparked some inspiration for me.

Based on Piper Kerman’s memoir, Orange Is the New Black is a comedy-drama about women in prison. Though the show is a comedy, it touches on the dark truths of prison life.

There’s the drugs and violence, sure. But it’s more than that. In one episode, Piper explained to a girl what prison is. Facing who you really are and not having anywhere to run. She delivered that speech cold.

Many characters were mothers who wanted to finish out their sentences so they could get back to their kids. That is a reality about women in prison. There are also those with mental impairments who really should not be in prison, but in an institution where they can get the proper care.

In far too many cases, the only difference between the guard and the inmate is the guard is in uniform. This is true of prisons across the country. Prison guards are often not properly trained, they can be abusive and they can partake in criminal activity.

My sister said that one of the things the women at the Ohio prison wanted was guidance for when they get out of prison. A lot of women (and men) released from prison are unable to get their lives straightened out. They’ll need an income, a place to live, and there are expenses they’ll need to cover. Restrictions and curfews can make it difficult for them to find work.

Because of that, they might turn to crime to get by, and that eventually leads them back to prison. The Poussey Washington Fund was created to help these women.

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  1. Yes so true. most of these women and men do get out and go right back to their old ways. But the ones who give their lives over to the Lord and allow him to take the wheel , those ones will become Children of God and they will be guided by the Holy Spirit and they will turn to him, instead of turning to the things of the word that will destroy them.

  2. The parole board requires that they find a source of income and that they have a place to live. They might also have to pay fees to the parole board. If they are not able to meet these requirements, they could be in violation of their parole.

    The parole board has restrictions on where they can work and where they can live. For those who do find work, they might be required to meet their parole officer at a time when their employer expects them to be at work. The parole board could have curfews on them, preventing them from working after certain hours.

    There’s a lot involved that can create desperate situations.

  3. it all comes down to choices, and that every choice has consequences. They made the choices that got them in the situation so those are consequences. We can give them funding to help them but if their heart dont change. They wont change and they will continue to make bad choices no matter how much people give them.

  4. I don’t think they’ll receive funding unless they show that they will be responsible with it. My point is, the parole board can be part of why it’s hard for them to pick up their lives. Our justice system is a mess.

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